Small groups at IBCB are an important part of our spiritual growth and fellowship. If you are not part of a small group yet, please contact one of our small group leaders or Paul Madsen who can help you choose a group to join or how to begin a new group.


Group  1

Leader: Dan Snyder        

District/City:  Various

Day:      Wednesdays             

Time:    7:30 pm                    


Group 2

Leader:  Paul and Ellie Madsen     

Host:  Paul and Ellie Madsen                

District/City:  Diosd

Day:   2 Saturdays  per month        

Time:     6-8pm         


Group 3  - Full.


Group 4

Leader:  Istvan Agg and Kinga Jokay 

Host:  Istvan Agg and Kinga Jokay 

District/City:  2nd district, Budapest

Day:   2 Fridays per month        


Group 5

Leader:  Paul and Erin Genua 

Host:  Anita and Sami Charles 

District/City:  2nd district, Budapest

Day:   1 Friday per month        


Group  6




Day:   1st and 3rd  Friday of each month      


Group  7 

Leader:  Iris 

Host:  Iris 

District/City:  3rd district, Budapest

Day:   Last Sunday of each month following church services.



Small group ministry

Experiencing and learning God’s Word for yourself is essential to Christian living and growth. Getting involved in a  group is the best way to be connected at IBCB, to get to know others and develop a support group for encouragement in our walk with Christ.

These groups offer a time of fellowship, Bible study and prayer in a more intimate setting. They function as a church within the church, developing relationships, helping each other and providing a place to belong while digging deeper into God’s Word as the basis of our walk of faith. 

These groups meet at different locations on various days of the week.
Please see the list to the left or write to for more details.